Low adventure

The low adventure course is designed with some team activities and some individual challenges.

There are opportunities to overcome fears with the help of team mates. Group tests their skills of balance, co-operation, communication and their level of adventure.

But the biggest attraction for the children in particular is ….. the bog. Despite Heatree waterproofs, the mud will penetrate to the most determined children.

To clean everyone up the instructor may take the team on part or all of our stream scramble.

This is a mini adventure up the stream that runs through the Heatree grounds. There are many obstacles, both man-made and natural for everyone to pass, often with the help of team mates.

Curriculum Links

PE – physical activity, acquiring and developing skills
PSHE – Problem solving, working with others

Learning Outcomes

Be physically active.
Complete new activities which may test their physical, mental and team skills