Following the success of our weekly Forest School programme with local schools, the residential groups have the opportunity to experience an exciting half day of activities such as fire building, forest cooking and woodland crafts.

Playing and learning in the beautiful woodlands at Heatree the children will have the freedom to create from the natural materials they find.

This experience will provide them with an appreciation and understanding of woodland areas. Their self-esteem is nurtured and lasting memories are created of the hugely enjoyable time that  they have spent among the trees!

Learning Outcomes

Enjoy the woods and be comfortable to explore.
Understand the need for safety in the woods.
Take part in a variety of practical tasks.
Use imaginations, work with others and extend own skills.
Understand the principles of fire lighting
As group, construct safety rules for being around the fire.
Cook over an open fire

Curriculum Links

SCIENCE: Living things in their environment., Grouping and classifying materials, Changing materials
D&T: Working with tools, equipment, materials and components to make quality products. Knowledge and understanding of materials and components.
CITIZENSHIP: Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities
ENGLISH: Listening; Speaking; Group discussion and interaction