Cycle Factory

The Cycle Factory is a hands-on way for your class to discover how natural cycles really do make the world go round!

The children will operate a huge working model of the air, water and nutrient cycles to enable their ‘tree’ to grow. Using hundreds of coloured balls, the children will imitate such processes as transpiration, condensation, precipitation, decomposition and photosynthesis as they contribute to the running of each cycle.

Bells ringing and shouted instructions create a fast-moving ‘factory line’ as workers of the conveyer belts pl

ay a vital role.

They will encounter factors such as environmental change or pollution and will learn what is needed to keep their tree healthy. This activity runs well alongside the Ecological Encounters.

Curriculum Links

SCIENCE: Life processs;Green plants;Living things in their environment
ENGLISH:Listening; Speaking; Drama
GEOGRAPHY: Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development

Learning Outcomes

Know where all plants and animals get their energy from.
Understand there are 3 main cycles air, water and nutrients, they go round and round and never run out!
Understand that these 3 cycles are connected to one another
Visualise how pollution effects the 3 cycles and the food web.
Experience food webs and how they link into the cycles
Appreciate the effect that man can have on the balance of these natural systems

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