Freshwater stream dipping

The streams on-site and nearby are teeming with exciting water creatures waiting to be discovered!

Waterworld is suitable for all ages and can easily be adapted to suit your curriculum requirements.

We can focus on adaptations, the use identification keys, sampling and sorting or do it just for fun!

For a more scientific study we can compare samples from fast and slow areas of the stream or compare our on-site stream with that of an open moorland stream.

A great opportunity to think about river habitats and geography too!

Curriculum Links

SCIENCE – feeding relationships, adaptations; variation and classification; use simple equipment and materials
ENGLISH: Listening; Speaking; Group discussion and interaction
CITIZENSHIP: Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities; Preparing to play an active role as citizens

Learning Outcomes

Understand the adaptations needed for different habitats within the stream
Handle the invertebrates with care and consideration.
Appreciate the role of herbivores and carnivores in a food chain
Be confident using an Identification Key
Recognise and name many of the invertebrates that they find
Work safely as a team in and out of the water
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