Going Global

This is a fast paced game which is designed to illustrate how trade can affect the prosperity of a country.

It highlights how, very often, world trading systems are designed to help the rich, well-organised countries, while neglecting the poorer ones.

The children, in groups, must manufacture shapes using the materials they are given.

The game can go in any number of fascinating directions as the countries begin to trade together.

Groups really find that tempers can often become frayed as the unfairness of the system becomes apparent, leading to an important de-briefing where the children take a look at moral attitudes towards wealth and the role that they can play in contributing to a fairer world trading system.

Curriculum Links

PSHE – Decision making, considering consequences, problem solving, making use of skills and resources, working together, world situations and trade, poverty issues, inequalities
Geography – social conditions, interdependence between countries, how international decisions affect quality of life