River Lemon Study

The source of the River Lemon Study can be found at the foot of Haytor just 7km from the centre.

Stopping at several places along the way we can measure how the river changes from its youthful bubbling stage to the old sluggish stage before it enters the sea at Teignmouth.

The river lemon study is an exciting and hands-on activity that develops skills in many subject areas.

Curriculum Links

GEOGRAPHY: stages of a river, land use, erosion, carry out fieldwork investigations outside the classroom
SCIENCE: predictions, testing theories, evaluating
MATHS; measuring depth, width, flow rate, averages, graphs, timing
ENGLISH - Listening; Speaking; Group discussion and interaction
CITIZENSHIP - Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

Learning Outcomes

Understand how the river changes as it travels from its source to mouth
Be able to take measurements of the river’s width, depth, flow rate and load
Understand what affects the river and its changes as it travels to the sea
Identify changes in the bed load, land formations and land use.
Assess risks and take safety measures
Use equipment correctly
Calculate the average of three numbers and appreciate this value