High Ropes

Enjoy swinging from the trees?

This activity involves each person having the opportunity to climb a tree and perform one or two of the nine elements available whilst the rest of the team cheer and encourage from the sidelines.

These elements include the trapeze, the catwalk, the cargo net and the high postman’s walk, not to mention the classic leap of faith, this is a metre wide gap between two platforms which needs to be crossed, but it’s ten metres up in the air. An activity for the brave or those who like a challenge

Team challenges:

To enable more participants at any one time and greater opportunities for team work we have the Jacob’s ladder.

Three people must work together to get to the top.

Their team mates keep them safe by belaying on the ground supervised by a qualified Heatree instructor.

Alternatively there is the crates challenge where teams must work together to create the tallest tower possible from milk crates.

Again participants will be keeping each other safe by supervised belaying.

Curriculum Links

PE – physical activity, balancing, acquiring and developing skills
SCIENCE – Opposing forces, gravity

Learning Outcomes

Be physically active.
Improve their balancing skills.
Have the opportunity to challenge themselves and develop self-confidence.
Gained an understanding of gravity and opposing forces.