Team Quest

An exciting team challenge where good King Rodney has been captured by the bad guys.

It’s up to each team to recover his stolen crown and jewels and set the captive King free.

The team can only succeed by working together to solve the many challenges, both physical and mental. An opportunity to develop team work, communication and learning to recognise each other’s skills and abilities.

Curriculum Links

PSHE – working together, making decisions, communicating and listening, delegating, problem solving,  developing confidence, working as a team, recognising own and others’ abilities
DRAMA – responding to performances

Learning Outcomes

Gain an understanding of their own and others’ abilities and how these can be used to work well as a team.
Discover the effectiveness of good team work.
Be encouraged to explore decision making, delegation and leadership.
Develop their communication skills.
Be better equipped to solve problems and puzzles.