Robin Hood Game

Visiting Dartmoor is an excellent opportunity to discover how National Parks are managed and the impact that thousands of visitors have on the land, local communities and wildlife.

The local Rangers are always happy to meet the children. Their friendly manner and interesting job always stimulate many questions from the group.

The small village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor and the contrasting larger town of Bovey Tracey are ideal sites for a Robin Hood Game where the children survey the shops and services. Both settlements are rich in historical landmarks, including the famous church at Widecombe, so there are also opportunities for history studies.

Curriculum Links

GEOGRAPHY: How settlements differ and change, including why they differ in size and character and an issue arising from changes in land use
Knowledge and understanding of patterns and processes
ENGLISH - Listening; Speaking; Group discussion and interaction
CITIZENSHIP - Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

Learning Outcomes

Assess the impact of tourists on two  small communities
Follow a map safely around a small village and/or town
Relate the symbols on the map with the reality on the ground
Recognise the different roles that features of the settlement fulfil
Consider the benefits and problems arising
Listen to the opinions of others
Compare and contrast two small settlements
Be considerate of other members of the public